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Clinical and Theory Denturism Instructor
December 22, 2020 Cindy Rotman
Oxford College is currently seeking to hire faculty for its Denturism Program offered at its Downtown Toronto Campus. Positions are available for both theoretical and clinical components of the program. The Instructor will report to the Program Coordinator/Campus Manager and is responsible for the development, implementation, management, and teaching of a curriculum. The Instructor is expected to:· Conduct all classes/labs/clinics in accordance with the course syllabus, the schedule, and all instructional materials adopted for the course.· Conduct him or herself professionally in representing the College, its constituents, its students, and his or her discipline.· Come to each class/lab/clinic fully prepared with knowledge of the lesson, instruct students and evaluate their performance carefully and equitably.· Develop presentations, formative and/or summative assessments, and exercises which will help foster the student learning experience.· Provide instruction for the full period scheduled, with appropriate intermissions as outlined.· Evaluate the performance of students in a manner consistent with the course objectives and grading criteria published in the course syllabus.· Require graded assignments frequently enough to provide regular notification to students of their progress, and return all assignments as promptly as possible.· Maintain complete and accurate records of students’ grades and daily attendance.· Refer students to appropriate College resources for information or advising, as appropriate.· Submit course grades and attendance records within the outlined time at the end of a module, and perform other administrative duties as required.· Participate in the evaluation of courses or curricula and make recommendations to the academic department.· Participate in scheduled faculty meetings and in-service activities.· Participate in activities which promote his or her professional development. QUALIFICATIONS:• Must possess and maintain current registration, in good standing, with the College of Denturists of Ontario (CDO)• A minimum of five years' practical experience examining patients, and designing, constructing and repairing removable dentures• Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills• Superior organizational and time management skills with an ability to prioritize tasks.• Proven ability to work in a team environment and to foster the same in students• Demonstrates enthusiasm for learning and a thirst for knowledge. Keeps an open mind to new ideas and concepts.• A bachelor's degree in a related field is an asset. Please send resumes to