We’re excited that you are considering joining the Denturist Association of Ontario.  The DAO is an association that stands strong with its members to support individual denturists, and to further the profession in Ontario.

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Important Details Before You Begin:

Registering with the CDO first: With your application, you must be able to provide your CDO Registration Number and Registration Date for the DAO to process your application.

Membership Fees: The DAO Membership Year runs from January 15th to January 14th each year.  Regarding membership fees, in 2012 the DAO Board passed a motion ‘that new licensees, in the year that they are registered with the CDO, will be granted a free membership for the balance of the DAO membership year and the following DAO membership year’. 

DAO Group Insurance Policy covering Professional Liability (PLI):  The DAO is proud to offer access to comprehensive and cost-effective liability insurance, including Professional Liability (PLI) and business insurance, through BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd. (BMS). The PLI policy runs concurrently with the DAO membership, from January 15th to January 15th of the following year. If you are interested in obtaining PLI through the DAO Member Program, as part of the DAO New Member Application process, you will be asked to download the BMS insurance application and upload the completed form. Should you have any questions about the PLI coverage, other professional and business insurance policies, application process or premiums, please contact BMS directly at 1-855-318-6558.


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